Hundreds of kilometers of road in Klaten damaged

Hundreds of kilometers of road in Klaten damaged – Entering the beginning of 2020, hundreds of kilometers of roads in Klaten District were recorded as being damaged. Repairing and maintaining damaged roads is budgeted through the Regional Budget of Rp 103 billion.

AFP monitoring, road damage is found in many locations or no basin nearby. For example on the Trucuk-Cawas Kalikebo Village, Trucuk Subdistrict, severe damage occurred around the field which became a flood subsidence area. Aplikasi Bandar Ceme

On Jalan Delanggu-Wonosari there was severe damage in the Ngreden village section. Gaping holes at two location points force the vehicle to reduce speed.

Hundreds of kilometers

Only 7 percent or around 50 kilometers were severely damaged. Then, 80 kilometers were damaged.
Suryanto said that the road which was slightly damaged was around 140 kilometers. However, this number does not reach 50 percent of the total length of the 760 kilometer district road.

The light damage was around 140 kilometers. Now the weather is very extreme and is not helped by the load, Suryanto continued.

Suryanto said that to repair this road his party would hold an auction. Most damage in Klaten occurred in the suburbs.

The damaged ones in the suburbs. For the improvement of roads this year the end of the month will be auctions, he added.

Suryanto said that repair or maintenance activities are prioritized in urban areas such as on Jalan Merapi and Merbabu. Suryanto said the damage to this road occurred because of several factors including extreme weather to the generation of damage or damage caused by drivers looking for another road so that it was overloaded.

Hundreds of kilometers

“The damage was caused by one section of the road being rehabilitated, the vehicle was looking for another road section so that it accelerated damage in the other sections,” he explained.

Suryanto added that there would be asphalting and upgrading with concrete. Among them are on the slopes of Mount Merapi, Kemalang District, and the eastern border in Wonosari District.

One resident of Sabrang Village, Delanggu District, Ivan said that in his home area many roads were damaged. This damage is exacerbated by the number of mining transport trucks passing through the area.

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